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By: Izumi Dateyama

First Student Association meeting

Hi everyone! Thank you for your voting for the NAIST student association! We had a first meeting after the Student Council election of February 31, 2017.

In the constituting meeting, all Council members accepted the vote, and the President, Vice-President and Treasurer were decided. The members of the 2016 Student Council are:

  • Felix von Drigalski (President)
  • Izumi Dateyama (Vice-President)
  • Taishi Sawabe (Treasurer)
  • Abi Uy (Secretary)
  • Adrian Chek
  • Antonio Tejero de Pablos
  • Miguel Angel Patino Gonzalez

All regular Student Association members are also listed here.

We have many ideas we want to work on for your campus life, but we will ask you what you really need by another survey soon. We are looking forward to your response, because YOU can make a difference! Students who want to join us are welcome at all times! Don’t hesitate and email us!


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