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By: Felix von Drigalski

First campus life survey results

In February 2017, we launched a survey about campus life, and discussed them with the school’s administration. Today, we present the results and their responses.

The main survey question asked students to give their opinions on these topics:

  • Open the gym earlier (from 7 or 8 AM)
  • Car share on campus (e.g. TimesPlus)
  • More microwaves in the cafeteria
  • Outside gym equipment (calisthenics park)
  • Improve access to sports facilities on campus (online reservation, access for kids)
  • Sports classes (Yoga etc.)
  • Library of Things (to borrow a sewing machine / iron / tools)
  • Inter-Department events (Welcome party etc.)
  • Improve the cafeteria’s food
  • Info & support to go abroad
  • Garbage bins in the dormitory lounges

Here are the results:

The data shows that the biggest points of interests are:

  1. The cafeteria food
  2. Exchange programs
  3. Online reservation for sports facilities

Since complaints about the cafeteria food come up literally every year in the annual meeting with the NAIST president, we inserted a follow-up question into the survey:

Interestingly, it appears that most students are ready to pay a bit more for better quality and more selection.

Many of the “Other” responses to this question note that other campuses manage to have better food at lower prices – this is why we had to formulate this question in a way that results in an actionable request to the cafeteria administration. Regarding the numerous requests for both better quality AND lower prices, there is an interesting anecdote: a few years ago, the NAIST administration put out a call for companies who want to run the cafeteria. No one except the current holder even submitted an application, because the NAIST campus is small and not very profitable. Maybe that’s simply the price we have to pay for the unbelievably cheap campus dormitories.

Many comments ask for Halal food, which was also expected. However, the numbers show that actual demand would be limited:

Following these, the most popular suggestions were longer gym opening times, outside gym equipment and more events/parties.

The administration notes that the gym opening times are due to both safety and noise concerns, as the staff leaves the premises at 22:00 and there are guest rooms above the fitness room. However, opening the gym earlier may be possible and is being considered.

Regarding the desire for more events and parties, the GSK agrees wholeheartedly, and thus starts this semester with a Welcome Party on April 7 18:00. We hope to see you there!

Finally and for the record, below are the statistics about the participants and all the numerical data. What other questions would you like us to ask next time? Leave us a comment or write us an email!

Q1: “How do you feel about these proposals?”
Q2: What would you change about the food in the cafeteria?
Q6: “Please tell us your graduate school”
Q7: “Which region are you from?”


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