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By: Felix von Drigalski

Lunch meeting with Student Clubs

Students from both the various student clubs and the GSK met up for a relaxed meeting over lunch, in the fancy meeting space above the restaurant nobody knows about.

Since it is still hard for new students to find out what kind of clubs exist on campus and what to do here other than research, we came up with a few ideas to make life on campus better. To discuss them with the other student groups, we invited all of them for a meeting in the cafeteria.

Vice-President Izumi goes over the mockup of the pamphlet before the meeting.

We explained the plans for the Student Association, and how to use the tools we will provide. The gist: we will work to make the student life on campus more visible and accessible, and to make the job of the student clubs easier. This is why we presented:

  • the first prototype of this website,
  • a phpBB-based forum for the whole campus, and
  • a first version of the flyer that will be distributed to all new incoming students.

We ended the meeting with the request for student clubs to provide the information about them they would like to see on the flyer, and we’re all excited to work towards a better campus together.

Do you have questions? Proposals? Comments? Post them here or contact us through this website!


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