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By: Arnaud Delmotte

July 18th 2019: Naist Game Party


Game party?

A free event for everyone that likes to play videogames and meet people.
A few tournaments will be organized too, with free participation and prizes to win!!!
Free pizza, snack and drinks!!!!


July 18th, Thu 18:00-22:00


Kenshu hall (inside the yellow building, 1st floor)

Games :

Free, come and leave any time between 6pm and 10pm.

List of games available :

  • Super smash bros ultimate (switch)
  • Mario kart 8 Deluxe (switch)
  • Mario party (switch)
  • Overcooked (switch)
  • Stepmania (similar to ddr, pc with dance mat)

Any additional game request? contact us 🙂

Registration not mandatory, but would help us to estimate the number of participants :

Tournaments :

  • Super smash bros ultimate (switch) :
    First rounds : 4+ players matches (keep the highest scores among multiple matches)
    Advanced rounds : 1 vs 1 matches
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (switch) :
    4+ players matches
  • All games category :
    Players will play one match against each other (4-players) in each available game, the player who scores the highest among all games qualifies to the next round

Registration required, but still possible to register on the day if some tournament are not full.
Please register as soon as possible to help us organize, please inform us if you have to cancel too.
Registration form :

Prizes to WIN in each tournament 🙂

How to help us ?

We already have a team of volunteers, a few consoles and games, but any additional help is appreciated 🙂

Please contact us if you are OK to lend us :
– Game console (mainly nintendo switch, but anything else is OK too, we’ll consider what we can add), controllers
– Screen (that can be connected to a console)
– Power strip, extension cable, HDMI cable

Please contact us if you are ready to help to organize on the day :

We’ll need one person per console/screen to verify that :
– no one steal or damage console, game or controllers
– ensure that everyone can play (avoiding one person keep the controler)
– ensure fair play between the players
– for the tournament, call the players, configure the match and report the scores


Organizers : Hugo Enriquez Donado, Arnaud Delmotte, Max Sawabe
Mail :
Facebook :

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