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New GSK Flyer

Did you miss Tuesday’s event where we handed out the flyer? You can get it in the International Student Affairs Section or download it here. Enjoy!

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21 August: Nagashi-Soumen 2.0

To welcome everyone back from their Obon holidays, NAIST GSK is hosting another Nagashi-Soumen event. Once again, come and enjoy the evening sun with noodles and light snacks!

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Recycle Market dates announced

The Recycling Club just announced the dates for the annual Recycle Market. The Recycle Market is an annual event where donated goods from graduated students are distributed to the newly incoming students. See the details below and on!

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First campus life survey results

In February 2017, we launched a survey about campus life, and discussed them with the school’s administration. Today, we present the results and their responses.

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