Global Student Network

The NAIST Global Student networK (GSK) was founded in January 2017 to improve life on campus. Research life is long, and we all need support sometimes. We are here to provide information about school facilities, cultural assistant, student activities, and anything you may want to know. We provide not only information, but also opportunities to enjoy and improve life on campus. We can never have enough members, so if you are interested in contributing to this organization or making new friends, come and join us!


  1. Promoting interaction between the three NAIST Graduate Schools, as well as international and Japanese students.
  2. Creating a vibrant campus life by supporting and facilitating student clubs.
  3. Allowing NAIST students to outgrow their limits by providing them with opportunities to develop leadership skills and a high quality of life.

Join us!

Do you want to make the campus a better place and have fun doing it? Fill out this form and join us at one of our meetings! They are always announced in advance on our calendar.