Recycling Market Rules

Recycle Market?

For the Recycle Market, we collect old items of graduating students in March and give them to new students at the Recycle Market in April. Graduating students save time and hassle, new students save money, and together we save the environment! Read more at this VSP article:

The Secret Sauce to Recycling Success

Recycle Market Schedule (April 2020)

Provisional schedule :
April 2nd from 5pm  (first 1.5 hours are reserved for new students from October 2019 and April 2020, then open to any student)
April 6th from 9am to close (open to any student)

Place: East Lounge of Dormitory 1 (see map below)

When to donate items

You can come without a reservation at these times:

Dates: March 9(Mon) to March 23 (Fri), every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Time: 12:30 – 13:30
Please verify in the calendar for schedule confirmation.

If you need to donate your things at a different time, contact us:

If you need help transporting your items, note that you can borrow a chariot from your graduate school’s office. It helps us out if you can ask your friends to transport your things. If you really need help, contact us:

Where to donate items

Please bring your items to the East Lounge of Dormitory 1. See this map:

Which items to donate

To make the Recycle Market enjoyable for everyone, we only accept cleaned items in a usable state.

Examples of things that are GOOD to donate:

  1. Fridges, microwaves, rice cookers, toasters etc. (please clean them)
  2. Curtains
  3. Shelves, clothes hangers, laundry poles, tension poles, tenshion shelves…
  4. Washing machines, vacuum cleaners
  5. Blankets, futons, cushions (in good shape)
  6. Bikes (see details further down!)


We cannot accept the following items:

  1. No washing machines, kotatsu or large tables
  2. No food or other opened products (consider donating to your lab mates or your lab’s kitchen instead)
  3. No frying pans or cutlery (see above)

Because we do not sell the items, we cannot offer you money. However, in special cases (AC units), we can pay for a company to remove the unit. You can also leave those in the dorm room, though. Contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your donation!! You are making the campus a better place.

Donating bikes

Bikes are a bit special, because they need to have their registration lifted before we can accept them. To donate your bike, please go to a bike shop, ask them to lift your registration (登録抹消), and give us the certificate you receive. The certificate is needed for someone else to use and register the bike.

Thanks for going through all the hassle. We use the bikes as shared bikes and for our bike rentals.